Welcome to the Virtual CLC


The Chemistry Learning Piazza:

Begin by joining our Piazza site at piazza.com/illinois/spring2020/clc.  CLC staff members will be available Monday - Friday, 1 - 4 pm to answer your questions.  To improve the quality of help:

  • For instructions on how to sign up for the Chemistry Learning Piazza, please consult this article. For more information about using Piazza, check out this introduction from Rutgers.
  • Be sure to tag your question with the appropriate course number and topic.
  • Include the actual question and what you've tried so far (screenshots and photos are great!).
  • Do not post requests for help with restricted resources, like quizzes or exam retakes, on the CLP. Contact your instructor or TA for further guidance!

Please note that it is best to have your written work with you to assist in locating errors. The CLC staff is here to help you understand homework problems to set you up for success on the test.


The Virtual Chemistry Learning Center is always under development!  Please check back for new and exciting improvements!