Significant Patents Awarded to Sylvia M. Stoesser

Patent Number Description
1,905,850 Synthetic Lubricant
1,969,678 Ferric Chloride Etching Solution
1,989,478 Solvent Composition
1,998,756 Treatment of Deep Wells
2,033,702 Heat Storage and Transfer Agent
2,033,934 Dehumidifying Solution
2,048,362 Treatment of Deep Wells
2,111,253 Inhibitor of Chlorinated Solvents
2,142,968 Stabilizing Articles Containing Polymerized Styrene
2,152,306 Method of Removing Metal Obstructions fromWells
2,154,389 Stabilization of Vinyl Compounds
2,166,557 Coating Composition
2,174,538 Polystyrol Coating Compositions
2,175,095 Treatment of Wells
2,181,102 Stabilization of Polymerizable Vinyl Compounds
2,187,695 Polystyrol Composition
2,190,906 Styrene-Tung Oil Copolymer
2,190,915 Copolymers of Styrene with Oiticica Oil or its Derivatives
2,210,639 Treatment of Monomeric Styrene
2,215,255 Stabilization of Styrene
2,232,930 Polystyrene Synthetic Resins
2,241,770 Stabilization of Styrene and Related Compounds
2,246,020 Treatment of Styrene with Copper
2,269,810 Resinous Co-Polymers of Vinyl Aromatic Hydrocarbons
2,274,297 Method of Treatment Earth and Rock Formations
2,290,547 Styrene Polymer