Alumni Reminiscences

In conjunction with the Noyes Laboratory Centennial in 2002, The Department of Chemistry began to solicit reminiscences from our alumni about their time in the Department.

If you are interested in sharing a recollection from your time in the Department, we would love to hear from you! Email with your story.

Arnold H. Anderegg (PhD '50; R. Adams)

Leyell C. Behr (PhD '41; R. C. Fuson)

Robert R. Chambers (PhD '47)

Edwin C. Freidrich (BS '57)

Nancy L. Good (BS '76, MS '79, PhD '81)

William H. Gumprecht (BS '53)

Horace Hood (BS '44)

Cynthia House (BS '76, MS '78)

David House (PhD '78)

R. S. Juvet (in Memory of Therald Moeller)

Steven Kimmel (BS '66)

Donald E. McGreer (PhD '59)

Michael D. Meadows (PhD '79)

John C. (Robby) Robinson, Jr. (PhD '43)

Robert Sauer (PhD '62; R. C. Fuson)

Richard S. Treptow (MS '64, PhD '66)