Materials Chemistry

Mission Statement and Purpose

The Materials Chemistry specialization is an exciting, interdisciplinary program of research that involves research in topics central to the rapidly evolving field of materials chemistry. Faculty in this specialization represent a range of research interests from biomaterials to polymers to inorganic nanoparticles. Our research encompasses the chemical synthesis of materials, the molecular and physical basis of materials structure and properties, and the interplay between molecular-level structure, composition, and functional properties.

The Program

The Graduate Studies in the Materials Chemistry specialization is designed to meet the intellectual and practical needs of graduate students and faculty who share a common interest in materials chemistry. This specialization provides a new level of intellectual freedom and opportunity to graduate students in innovation and discovery in materials chemistry. This program provides enormous opportunities for research and uniquely prepares students for this highly multidisciplinary field. The Materials Chemistry specialization includes coursework at both the basic and advanced levels, outstanding research opportunities, and many opportunities for professional development. It facilitates the research and intellectual development of students and faculty alike. Graduate students in Materials Chemistry obtain their doctoral degrees through their host departments, but they are free to select research advisors from any area of chemical sciences while meeting the program requirements.

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