Materials Chemistry Faculty

Paul V. Braun Electrochemical energy storage; responsive polymers; self-healing materials; mesoscale materials; optical materials; chemical sensors; self-assembly  
Jianjun Cheng Polymers for drug delivery; polypeptides; self-healing materials
Andrew A. Gewirth Materials properties of surfaces and interfaces with relevance to energy storage; electrocatalysis; materials fabrication; electrochemistry 
Gregory S. Girolami

Synthesis of transition metal complexes and their use as catalysts; as precursors for the chemical vapor deposition of thin films; as building blocks for novel magnetic materials

Hee-Sun Han Synthesis and bioimaging applications of colloidal nanoparticles; micron-sized soft materials for single virus/cell analysis; microfluidics; in vitro/in vivo imaging; single virus/cell sequencing
Prashant K. Jain Plasmonics; near-field manipulation of photophysics and photochemistry; super-resolution imaging of active sites in heterogeneous catalysis; artificial photosynthe-sis; imaging phase transformations in single nanocrystal
Deborah E. Leckband Biochemistry at material interfaces; protein stability in hybrid biomaterials; biomaterials; colloidal and surface forces; surface engineering
Yi Lu Functional DNA nanotechnology and its application in directed assembly of nanomaterials with controlled morphologies in response to multiple stimuli, and in photonics, sensing, imaging and targeted drug delivery
Jeffrey S. Moore Chemistry of self-healing systems;  development and study of vascular composites and encapsulated materials; mechanochemical transduction 
Catherine J. Murphy Synthesis, characterization, biological applications and environmental implications of colloidal inorganic nanoparticles; surface chemistry and plasmonic properties of gold nanoparticles; sustainability   
Ralph G. Nuzzo The chemistry of materials; nano and micro-scale fabrication; soft materials; integrated devices; self-organizing structures
Joaquín Rodríguez-López Nanoelectrochemistry; advanced electrochemical characterization and imaging of materials and interfaces for electrocatalysis and energy storage; redox polymers; ultrathin electrodes; electrochemical simulation 
Renske M. van der Veen Time-resolved and ultrafast characterization of functional nanomaterials; excited-state dynamics; photoswitching, photocatalytic and photovoltaic materials; ultrafast spectroscopy and microscopy   
Josh Vura-Weis Femtosecond X-ray spectroscopy of catalytic reaction intermediates
Steven C. Zimmerman Biomaterials; drug and cell delivery; smart polymers for materials and bio-applications


Other Faculty with Interests in Materials Chemistry:

Qing Cao (affiliate faculty) Materials for novel (opto)electronic devices
Qian Chen (affiliate faculty) Soft matter design, characterization, and applications
Dana D. Dlott (emeritus faculty) Laser spectroscopy under extreme conditions
Mary L. Kraft (affiliate faculty) Biological membrane imaging
Lisa Olshansky Switchable materials for renewable energy applications
Kenneth S. Suslick (emeritus faculty) Sonochemistry; sensor arrays
Hong Yang (affiliate faculty) Nanomaterials for catalysis