The goal of a Group Expectations Document is to describe the group’s mission, responsibilities of the faculty member, expectations of group members including working hours and graduation requirements (e.g., minimum number of manuscripts), the faculty member’s values, and other information the faculty member feels is important for graduate students to know before joining their group.

All Chemistry faculty are required to have their group expectations documents publicly accessible for current Chemistry department members, including graduate students and faculty. Some faculty have chosen to make their group expectations documents publicly accessible, with no NetID authentication required. Other faculty have chosen to make their documents accessible in Box by NetID authentication.

Group Expectations Documents


Professor Public Links            Box Link (NetID-protected)     
Mikael Backlund                
Martin D. Burke    
Jefferson Chan    
Scott E. Denmark    
Majed Fataftah    
Andrew A. Gewirth     
Gregory S. Girolami     
Martin Gruebele    
Hee-Sun Han    
Paul J. Hergenrother    
So Hirata    
Nick Jackson    
Prashant Jain    
Christy F. Landes    
Stephan Link    
Zaida Luthey-Schulten    
Nancy Makri    
Anastasia C. Manesis    
Angad P. Mehta    
Liviu M. Mirica    
Douglas A. Mitchell    
Catherine J. Murphy    
Eric Oldfield    
Lisa Olshansky    

Joaquín Rodríguez-López

Mei Shen    
Scott K. Silverman Public link  
Benjamin Snyder    
Jonathan V. Sweedler    
Wilfred A. van der Donk    
Josh Vura-Weis    
M. Christina White    

Faculty with Joint Appointments

Professor Public Links            Box Link (NetID-protected)     
Paul V. Braun                
Qian Chen    
Ying Diao    
Damien Guironnet     
Shuming Nie    
Philip W. Phillips    
Kenneth S. Schweizer     


Faculty Affiliates

Professor Public Links            Box Link (NetID-protected)     
Rohit Bhargava            
Qing Cao    
Brian T. Cunningham    
Raven H. Huang    
Mary L. Kraft    
Susan A. Martinis    
Satish K. Nair    
Baron G. Peters    
Charles M. Schroeder    
Paul R. Selvin    
Emad Tajkhorshid    
Hong Yang    
Huimin Zhao