Undergraduate Summer Research Scholar

Ashley Lenhart portraitOriginally from Watseka, Illinois, Ashley is currently a junior in the chemistry department. She is a member of Prof. Jonathan Sweedler’s lab, where her research focuses on itch-sensing cells.

Coming to Illinois from a small town was a bit of a challenge for Ashley, but it has been a successful transition: “I have adjusted thanks to several activities I am in, wonderful mentors, and helpful scholarships such as this one which ease my mind regarding the financial stress that can come along with higher education.”

Ashley is also a clarinet player in the university band, a Merit chemistry teaching assistant, and a member of the professional chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma. She looks forward to a future in forensic science, and is already taking important steps to achieve her goal:

“My next summer will hopefully be busy with an internship revolving more specifically around forensics in order to propel me from my chemistry and biology background gained at Illinois into that specific science and my future career. The University of Illinois has been the perfect place to gain an education on the sciences that go into forensics, as well as a place full of opportunities, for which I am thankful.”