Beak Literature Seminar Award

This award is given each semester to the best CHEM 535 and 575 seminars, as judged by the students enrolled in each course. The award is sponsored by the late Dr. Peter Beak, who served as faculty at the U of I for over 60 years, and his wife Sandra Beak. The award was inaugurated with the Spring 2021 semester. Recipients:

Spring 2024

CHEM 535: Dongchen Ouyang (Denmark)
CHEM 575: Rachel Hammond (Burke)

Fall 2023

CHEM 535: Joshua Berger (Burke)
CHEM 575: Ethan Walker (Burke)

Spring 2023

CHEM 535: Alfons Pineda-Knauseder (White)
CHEM 575: Morgan Gugger (Hergenrother)

Fall 2022 CHEM 535: Kyle Abo (Hergenrother)
CHEM 575: Riley Carter (Mitchell)
Spring 2022 CHEM 535: Jacob Weaver (Hergenrother)
CHEM 575: Alec Murray (Burke)
Fall 2021

CHEM 535: Samantha Barlock (Hergenrother)
CHEM 575: Noah Haskin (Mehta)

Spring 2021 CHEM 535: Shelby King (White)
CHEM 575: Shravan Dommaraju (Mitchell)