Noyes Lab Historical Over the years, many people have reflected on the Department of Chemistry and their time at University of Illinois. Below is an incomplete collection of the history of the Department and its affliates.


An Anecdotal History of Chemistry Prior to 1950 (1976) by Elizabeth P. Rogers

Autobiographic Notes (1966) by R.C. Fuson

Chemistry at the University of Illinois: A Centennial Review (1967) by R.C. Fuson

The First 55 Years of the University of Illinois Section of the American Chemical Society (1961) by Virginia Bartow

Forward to the Centennial Brochure (1967) by H.E. Carter

Historical Sketch of the Chemistry Department (1916) by S.W. Parr

Memories of Student Days in Chemistry at Illinois (1987) by Bill Lycan

My Sixty-Five Years of Chemistry (1976) by C.S. "Speed" Marvel

Signal to Noyes: The Voices I Still Hear (2002) by Nelson Leonard for the Noyes Lab Centennial Celebration

It Happened At Illinois by R. C. Fuson (1966)

Alumni Reminiscences