Fall 1986/Spring 1987 Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1986
Literature Abstracts

Deuterium Nuclear Quadrupole Double Resonance Studies of Hydrogen Bonding
Ellen A. Keiter

Gel Route to Early Transition Metal Oxides
Sangeeta D. Ramamurthi

Electron Transfer Reactions of Cytochrome c
Jim Schwartz

Shape Selective Oxidations of Hydrocarbons
Bruce R. Cook

Cooperative Jahn-Teller Effect in Transition Metal Complexes
Ho Gyeom Jang

Sulfite Reduction by an Iron-Containing Metalloenzyme
Cristi L. Hamilton

Synthetic Analogs of Heme Proteins
Thomas J. Reinert


Spring 1987
Literature Abstracts

Synthesis and Structure of Polyoxoanion Supported Organorhodium(I) and Organoiridium(I) Complexes
Deborah J. Main

Dynamics and Mechanism of Spin-State Interconversion
Chuan-liang(Ming) Xie

The Transition Metal Complexes of Stannylenes
Paige H. Hanchett

Transition Metal Assisted Carbon Nitrogen Bond Formation Reactions and Mechanisms of Formation
Robert W. Marshman

Inorganic Materials Exhibiting Nonlinear Optical Effects
Andrew J. Conti

Structural and Spectroscopic Properties of One-Dimensional Platinum Chain Compounds
Robert J. Webb

Tungsten and Vanadium Bronzes
Emmanuel Ramli

The Elucidation of Zeolite Structure by Solid State 29Si Magic Angle Spinning NMR Spectroscopy
Frank Rosenberg

High Pressure NMR Studies of Homogeneous Catalysts
David G. Vander Velde

Photocatalytic Oxidations by Polytungstate Anions
Clarke W. Earley

Synthesis and Reactivity of Iso- and Hetero-polyoxotungstates Containing Organic Subunits
Nam Hwi Hur

Polysilicic Acid Esters as Precursors to New Ceramic Materials
Dean H. Millar

Thermal and Photochemical Reactivity of the Alkyl Phosphomolybdates P3O9MoO2OR2- in Solution: Oxidation, Dehydration, and Isomerization
Ren-Chain Wang