Fall 1987/Spring 1988 Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1987
Literature Seminars

Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of High-Nuclearity Carbide Clusters of Rhenium
Timothy J. Henly

Shape-Selective Catalysis with ZSM-5 Zeolites
Randall A. Watson

Selected Synthetic Models for the Nitrogenase Enzyme
Deborah M. Pollina

Covalent Attachment of Coordinatively-saturated Metal Complexes to Horse Cytochrome c Lysines
Sten A. Wallin

Polysilane Polymers - Chemistry and Spectroscopy
Shengtian Yang

Valence Trapping in Mixed-Valent Quinone and Diimine Complexes
Wei Zhang

Characterization of Polynuclear Mixed-Valence Manganese Complexes as Models of the Water Oxidation Site in Photosystem II
Hsiu-Rong Chang

Mixed-Valent Perovskite Oxides
Xiaoguang Yang

2H NMR Studies of Dynamics of Channel-Type Solids
Qiaoying Li

The Mechanism of Intradiol Catechol Dioxygenases
Karla K. Marshall

Spring 1988
Literature Seminars

The Coordination and Insertion Chemistry of Carbon Dioxide
Robert J. Morris

The Marcus Inverted Region
Kevin J. Lee

Early Transition Metal Clusters
John Gozum

New Molecular Sieve Materials: Aluminophosphates and Silicoaluminophosphates
Hee K. Chae

Early Transition Metal Di- and Trichalcogenides: Structure and Bonding
Omar Yaghi

Luminescence of Solid State Inorganic Materials
Edward A. Schmitt

Molecular Hydrogen Complexes
Makoto Koike

Aluminum Toxicity: Coordination and Interactions with Biomolecules
Alan Marumoto

Coordinately and Electronically Unsaturated Organometallic Complexes
Ann R. Hermes

The Organometallic Route to Chemical Vapor Deposition of Refractory Carbides and Borides
James A. Jensen

Solid Ionic Conductors in High Energy Density Batteries
Matthew E. Riehl

New Directions in Polyphosphazene Chemistry
Scott P. Lockledge

Multiphoton Ionization and Dissociation of Organometallic Compounds
Mark A. Nanny

Organometallic and Inorganic Derivatives of the Tetrathiometallates
Kevin E. Howard

Synthesis and Characterization of Organometal Oxide Complexes
Laura M. Babcock

The Sonochemical Hot Spot
David Hammerton