Fall 1989/Spring 1990 Inorganic Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1989
Literature Abstracts

Lattice Engineered Micromodulation of Intramolecular Electron Transfer Rates in Trinuclear Mixed-Valence Iron Carboxylate Complexes
Ho Gyeom Jang

Low-Valent Early Transition Metal Complexes Stabilized by the Chelating Tripod Phosphine Ligand (t-Butyl)Tris-[(Dimethylphosphino)Methyl]Silane
Thomas G. Gardner

The Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Methyl-CoM Reductase and Its Nickel Cofactor F430
Cristi L. Hamilton

The Molybdenum Factor
David L. Huffman

Development of 99mTc Heart Imaging Agents
Mark A. Massa

Electrostatic Enforcement in the Synthesis of Low Dimensional Charge Transfer Materials from Ruthenium Complexes
Jinwoo Cheon

Long-Range Electron Transfer in Cobalt-Labeled Cytochrome c
David W. Conrad

The Structure and Reactivity of Metallohydroporphyrins
Warren A. Kaplan

Thiophene Activation by Iron and Rhodium Complexes
Ann E. Ogilvy

Ultrasonic Tribochemistry: The Effect of Ultrasound on Metal Powders
Stephen J. Doktycz

Spectroscopic Studies of Sonoluminescence
Edward B. Flint

Part I. Synthesis and Thermolysis of  CpMoO2(OR) and Cp*MoO2(OR).
Part II. Structural Characterization of Polysilicate Intermediates Formed During Sol-Gel Polymerization

Frank S. Rosenberg

Spring 1990
Literature Seminars

Polyacetylene: An Organic Metal
Dawn M. Sabel

Site-67 Substitution of Cytochrome c by Semisynthesis: Implications for Structure and Function
Mary Frauenhoff

Transition-Metal Complexes that Bind and Cleave DNA
Elizabeth Wilkinson

The Characterization of Early Transition Metal Alkyl Complexes by Solution and Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy
Paige Marie Morse

Competing Reaction Pathways in the Photochemical Reactions of Manganese Carbonyl Compounds
Richard Sullivan

The Chemistry of Manganese Alkyls and Aryls
Robert J. Morris

Studies on Binary Carbon Sulfides and Their Metal Complexes
Xiaoguang Yang