Fall 2000/Spring 2001 Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Abstracts


Fall 2000

Rhenium Carbido Carbonyl Cluster Complexes With Group 12 Metal Centers
Chris A. Wright

Recent Advances in Aluminum (I) Chemistry
Daniel T. Bunde

The Structure and Thermoelectric Properties of New Clathrate Compounds
Douglas P. Savin

Spectroscopic Investigations of Vanadium Dependent Bromoperoxidases
Russell P. Pesavento

Modeling and Applications of Nitrile Hydratase
Rachel C. Linck

Chemistry of the Modern Superconductors
Tanya Prozorov

Structure and Host-Guest Chemistry of Crown Ether Analogs
Amy S. Whelpley

Conductive Polymer Sensor Arrays
Dennis W. Smithenry

Characterization of Silicotungstate Anion Modified Metal Surfaces
Lien Lee

Catalytic Terminal C-H Bond Functionalization of Linear Alkanes: Recent Advances
Hye J. Kwon

Nanotubes: Stiff, Elastic, and Electronically Diverse
Robert Ellenwood

Novel Metal Binding Sites of Denitrifying Enzymes
Hyeon K. Kim

Block Copolymers as Nanolithographic Templates
Mariusz Twardowski

Spring 2001

Transition Metal Hydroborate Complexes: Structures, Syntheses, and Use as Chemical Vapor Deposition Precursors
Dean M. Goedde

Intermolecular Studies of Polyfluorenes in the Development of Electroluminescent Polymer LEDs
William R. Childs

Additive Fabrication and Soft-Lithographic Patterning of Microelectronic Devices
Martin K. Erhardt

Layered Double Hydroxide as Inorganic Vector for Gene Therapy
Jenny Lin Gao

Synthesis and Reactivity of Organometallic Cyanometallates
Stephen M. Contakes

Ultrasound Mediated Synthesis of Catalytic and Polymeric Materials
Gennady Dantsin

Sonochemically Generated MoS2-Based Catalysts
Arash Ekhtiarzadeh

A Metalloporphyrin-Based Colorimetric Nose: "Smell-Seeing"
Neal A. Rakow

Bis(porphyrin)-Quinone Triad as a Model of the Photosynthetic Reaction Center
Alicia A. Paterno

Porphyrin Network Materials: Chemical Exploration in the Supramolecular Solid-State
Margaret E. Kosal

Structural Characterization and Phase Behavior in Supported Metallic Nanoparticles
Charles W. Hills

Polyoxoniobates: How Solution Chemistry Helps to Understand the Solid State
Keith A. Marek

Reaction of Aqueous Polyoxometalates with Silver and Gold Surfaces
Jason D. Powell

Carbon Sulfide Bridging Ligands: Synthesis of New Electroactive Ensembles
Geoffrey A. Holloway