Fall 2009/Spring 2010 - Materials Seminar Abstracts

Fall 2009

Literature Seminars

"Diverse reactivity from a few simple ligands: the case of non-heme iron dioxygenases and their biomimetics analogs"
--Jon Askim

"Functionalization of Self-Assembled DNA Origami"
--Darius Z. Brown

"Low Coordinate Iron Complexes for Modeling FeMo Nitrogenase"
--Maria Carroll

"Dihydrogen Activation with "Frustrated" Lewis Acid-Base Pairs"
--Luke Davis

"Monoalkoxidepyrrolide Catalysts for Olefin Metathesis"
--Patrick S. Hanley

"Palladium Triphosphine Catalysts for CO2 Reduction"
--Kathleen Kelley

"Advances in Nanoporous Gold Synthesis"
--John W. Overcash

"The Discovery of New Oxidation States: The Chemistry of Magnesium(I) and Zinc(I)"
--Jennifer Steele

"Rational Design of Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks"
--Hang Xing

Final Defenses

Fabrication Techniques for Unusual Electronic Systems: Silicon Microstructures for Photovoltaic Modules
--Alfred Baca

Design Synthesis and Applications of Complementary Quadruply Hydrogen Bonding Modules
   a. Redox responsive naphthyridine module and application in polymers
   b. Probing the polyermic environmental effect on the complexation of strong hydrogen bonding species
--J. Kwansima Quansah

Modifications of Planar and Nanostructured Surfaces for the Interrogation of new Sensor Designs
--Lucas Thompson

Soft Lithography - Materials and Applications to Plasmonic Sensing and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering
--Tu Truong

Spring 2010

Final Defense

Colorimetric Sensor Arrays for the Detection of Aqueous and Gaseous Analytes
--Christopher Musto

Design and Applications of 4-yl-(methyl)coumarins and Their Derivatives
--Joshua Ritchey

Conjugated Carbon Monolayer Membranes - Synthesis and Integration Techniques
--Sakulsuk Unarunotai

Bioanalytical Applications of Microfluidic Devices: From Patterning to Genotyping
--Huaibin Zhang