Fall 2013/Spring 2014 - Inorganic Seminar Abstracts

Fall 2013/Spring 2014

Seminar Abstracts (Spring 2014)

Chemical Approaches to the Improved Performance of Nanoelectronic Devices
-- Noel Chang

Mechanisms of Bacterial Polyprenyl Transferases and Multi-Target Drug Discovery for Tuberculosis
-- Xinxin Feng

Volatile Metal Borohydride Complexes: Synthesis and Characterization of New Chemical Vapor Deposition Precursors
-- Justin Mallek

Seminar Abstracts (Fall 2013)

Novel Anodic Nanocrystals: Synthesis and Applications
-- James Christensen

Copper-Oxygen Chemistry in Methane Oxidation
-- Chang Cui

Completing a Photocatalytic Cycle for Hydrogen Evolution: Photoinduced Halide Elimination from Bimetallic Complexes
-- Gabriel Espinosa Martinez

Hydrogen Oxidation by Monometallic Nickel and Iron Catalysts
-- Zachary Gordon

CO2 Activation by Frustrated Lewis Pair Transition Metal Systems
-- Abdulrahman Ibrahim

Photocatalytic Water Splitting Reactions Based on Tantalum Oxynitrides
-- Hyo Na Kim

Coordination Polymer Particles for New Generation of Drug Delivery
-- Ji Li

Postsynthetic Modification for the Functionalization of Metal-Organic Frameworks
-- Zheng Li

Molecular Ferroelectrics
-- Yurun Miao

Elucidating Oxidation States of Metal Complexes with Redox Active Ligands
-- Yun Ji Park

Final Defenses (Fall 2013)

Syntheses, properties, and reactions of transition metal complexes of di(tert-butyl)amide and 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidide
-- Luke Davis

Divalent Transition Metal Centers: The Synthesis of New Chemical Vapor Deposition Precursors and Studies of Ethylene Polymerization and Oligomerization Catalysts
-- Jennifer Steele