Frank Alcorn receives 2023 Klemperer Award for Outstanding Dissertation

Frank Alcorn with the Klemperer Award.

As a graduate student in the lab of Prof. Prashant Jain, Frank Alcorn conducted research using electron microscopy to study the structural dynamics of photocatalytic materials under light. These materials have huge potential for green energy applications, but scientists and engineers need a better understanding of their behaviors, which was the focus of Alcorn's doctoral dissertation.

For this work, Alcorn was selected to receive the 2023 Klemperer Award for Outstanding Materials Chemistry Dissertation in the Department of Chemistry. On April 18, Dr. Alcorn returned to campus to present this dissertation research, "Investigating Nanoscale Dynamics in Light Absorbing Structures Using Electron Microscopy," and officially receive the 2023 Klemperer Award.

Now, Alcorn is working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Materials Physics Division of Sandia National Labs, conducting research in the development and utilization of novel scanning electron microscopy techniques for application in characterizing novel devices such as computational materials.

Since completing his PhD, the new Illinois chemistry alum said he has appreciated the welcoming he has received from the wider alumni community. Alcorn said he chose the Illinois chemistry graduate program, because of the cutting-edge research, and 
exciting sports teams.

"I watch a lot of college basketball," he said.