1. Simons, Claire (Prof. Burke)
En-masse Analysis Yields Prioritized Blocks and Bonds for Natural Product Synthesis

2. Reinhardt, Christopher (Prof. Chan)
Photoacoustic Contrast Agent Planarization Enables Cancer-Derived Nitric Oxide Imaging

3. Shved, Alexander (Prof. Sarlah)
Reaction Mining

4. Chatkewitz, Lindsay (Prof. Hergenrother)
Enhancement of Immune System Activation via Inhibition of Immunosuppressive Metabolites

5. Precord, Timothy (Prof. Mitchell)
Radical SAM-dependent Thioether Installation in Freyrasin

6. Daniels, Page (Prof. van der Donk)
Insights into the Biosynthesis of Pyrolloiminoquinones with PEARL enzymes: Small Molecule Biosynthesis by Post-translational Modification

7. Xiong, Thao (Prof. Zimmerman)
Modular Approach to Transition Metal Catalysts Supported on Polymeric Nanoparticles

8. Chambers, Rachel (Prof. White)
Tertiary C—H Hydroxylation in Aromatic Molecules with Manganese Catalysts

9. Schwarz, Kevin (Prof. Moore)
A Ribosomal Approach to Sequence-defined Polymers

10. Hilby, Kimberly (Prof. Denmark)
Development of an Enantioselective, Lewis base-catalyzed, Sulfenium-ion Initiated Spiroketalization

11. Bouley, Bailey (Prof. Olshansky)
pH-Switchable Copper Complexes as a Model for Enzymatic Conformational Gating