1. Zhang, Jiabao (Prof. Burke)
Development and Characterization of a Sterol Selective Non-Toxic Amphotericin B Derivative

2. Akin, Luke (Prof. Chan)
First Example of a Small Molecule Activated Ultrasound Contrast Agent

3. Siddiqi, Zohaib (Prof. Sarlah)
Oxidation of Unactivated Arenes: Access to Arene-Oxides and Benzoxepins

4. Muñoz, Kristen (Prof. Hergenrother)
Exploration of LolCDE Inhibitors as a Gram-negative Antibiotic

5. Harris, Lonnie (Prof. Mitchell)
Characterizing the Citrulassin Family of Lasso Peptides

6. Simon, Max (Prof. van der Donk)
Complete Biosynthetic Pathway to Fosfomycin in Pseudomonads

7. Li, Ke (Prof. Zimmerman)
Versatile Discrete Oligomers for Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1

8. Qian, Hai (Prof. Moore)
Mesolytic Cleavage of Homobenzylic Ethers for Programmable Degradation of Redoxmers

9. Panger, Jesse (Prof. Denmark)
Enantioselective Synthesis of g-Lactams by Lewis-Base Catalyzed Sulfenoamidation of Alkenes

10. Lakner, Elliot (Prof. Olshansky)
Building Switchable Artificial Metalloproteins