Alumni Lecture, Oct. 29, 2020. This virtual lecture via Zoom features Alumna Hye Kyung Timken (PhD, '87, Oldfield). As a research and development team leader at Chevron Corporation, Timken has worked for the last 20 years on groundbreaking technology that is now poised to transform gasoline production at oil refineries into a safer, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly process.


Alumni Career Panel - Chemistry and Beyond
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Alumni Career Panel - Chemistry and Beyond, Oct. 2, 2020. This virtual event features a panel of four alumni, Tripta Holtz (BS, '10), Yantao Hughes (PhD, '03, van der Donk), Mark Pytosh (BS, '86), and Olaseni Sode (PhD, '12, Hirata), sharing their varied career experiences since graduating from the department.



Faculty Research Spotlight: COVID-19
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Faculty Research Spotlight: COVID-19, May 29, 2020. Chemistry faculty members Martin Burke and Yi Lu discuss the COVID-19 projects and research they are involved in at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, including deploying rapid, scalable COVID-19 testing on the university campus and discovering new point-of-care testing methods that will overcome limitations of current testing procedures.


Conversation with Leadership: Looking Back and Looking Ahead
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Conversation with Leadership: Looking Back and Looking Ahead, July 30, 2020, occurred shortly after department Head Cathy Murphy became the first woman head in chemistry on June 1, 2020, succeeding previous department Head Martin Gruebele. Chemistry professor Greg Girolami, who is also a previous department head, moderates this panel discussion that focuses on the leadership change and plans for the future of the department as Murphy and Gruebele answers questions presented by Girolami.