Travel Awards

The Fall 2015 travel award results are in! Thank you for your participation. Keep checking for information about the Spring 2016 awards

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Women Chemists Committee provides a funding opportunity for graduate or postdoctoral chemists to travel to a national meeting to present their research. Four awards will be made annually, two in the spring semester and two in the fall, in the amount of $500 to help alleviate the financial burden of travel costs. 

Applicants interested in this funding opportunity should submit the following information to the award committee by Fall 2015 deadline (October 1):

  1. First author abstract from application submitted to national meeting
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Brief statement (< 300 words) about how the conference will benefit you (i.e., impact of funding)
  4. List of activities you will participate in at the meeting that represent the WCC

Preference for this award will go to applicants with a strong academic and research background, and more importantly, who have demonstrated commitment to the local chapter of WCC. Commitment comes in the form of participation in social events held by WCC and service on organizational committees such as the Bonding with Chemistry Day Camp. IMPORTANT: You MUST be a voting member of the University of Illinois Women Chemists Committee in order to be considered for this funding opportunity. Membership is open to both men and women.

If you have any questions about qualifications or need clarification on application materials or award criteria, please contact the WCC (

Congratulation to the Fall 2016 Winner!

Photo Information
Michaela Carlson


Michaela Carlson, 4th year grad student
Group: Rauchfuss and Vura-Weis
Conference: Fall 2017 ACS in Washington, D.C.
Talk Title: Synthesis and characterization of sterically stabilized diiron complexes
Poster Title: Diiron complexes with new proton-relay ligand platforms