Sylvia M. Stoesser Lecturer 2003-04 - Lynn Schneemeyer

Lynn SchneemeyerDr. Lynn Schneemeyer joined Bell Laboratories in 1980 after receiving her PhD in Solid State Inorganic Chemistry from Cornell University and spending two years at MIT as a postdoc. Dr. Schneemeyer was promoted to Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs in 1987. She is presently working as a Program Officer in the Chemistry Division of the National Science Foundation. She is interested in synthesis, crystal growth, thin film growth and characterization of materials with unique or technologically interesting properties. She as studied sliding charge density wave conductors like K0.30MoO3, high temperature cuprate superconductors, crystalline optical amplifier materials, multiplayer ceramic processing, and combinatorial approaches new materials. Recent work on "combinatorial type" methodologies takes advantage of the greater efficiencies inherent in parallel approaches to materials discovery and optimization. She is an Associate editor of the Journal of Crystal Growth, a member of the Editorial Advisory Committees of the Journal of Materials Chemistry and Chemistry of Materials, and has served on the editorial advisory board for Inorganic Chemistry. She is a Fellow of the American Physical Society. Dr. Schneemeyer is the author or coauthor of over 275 refereed papers, 9 book chapters and has 19 issued patents.