Collection of liquid-filled beakers


Additional General Chemistry Resources

  • CLC General Chemistry Tutorials
    Tutorials developed by Dr. Sarah Sheeley at the University of Illinois to explain common sticking points for general chemistry students.

  • Crash Course Chemistry
    A series of videos created by Hank Green to teach basic chemistry in a frantic, energetic, and entertaining way.

  • General Chemistry by the Bodner Group
    General chemistry help put together by the Bodner Chemical Education Research Group at Purdue University. It might not look flashy, but there is some excellent content!

Online Chemistry Games

  • Chemistry Mahjong
    Match tiles to learn oxidation states, name polyatomic ions and other basic chemical concepts.  Adobe Flash required!

  • Organic Molecule Game
    Battle mad scientists and zombie TAs to be the first to name simple organic molecules!  Adobe Flash required!

  • Chemistry Haiku
    Take a break from studying and read some stirring (and funny!) haiku poems about each member of the periodic table.

Information Resources & Study Skills