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Our alumni are the movers and shakers of the chemical, industrial and business world.  To keep abreast of the latest developments, visit our News page.

Alumni Events

Exciting things are happening in the Department of Chemistry, and our alums are a part of it!  Visit our Facebook page to find out about the latest alumni-related events.

Chemistry Newsletter

We can't say enough about the exciting new developments here in Chemistry at Illinois!  Click here to read the latest edition of our new Chemistry Newsletter!


Giving to Chemistry at Illinois

Chemistry at Illinois is on the leading edge of discovery in the chemical world, but none of it is possible without the generous support of our alums.  To be a part of Chemistry's Brilliant Future, you can visit our giving page.


University Alumni Awards

The University of Illinois honors its outstanding alumni on a yearly basis and chemistry alumni have frequently been so honored. Visit Campus Alumni Achievement Awards and LAS Alumni Achievement Awards to find them.

Chemistry History

At the Department of Chemistry at Illinois, our proud history surrounds us everyday.  To find out more about the many things that have made Illinois Chemistry great throughout the years, visit our History Section.

Alumni Database

Wondering about other Chemistry alums?  Want to know who else your advisor worked with?  Visit the Alumni Database to find out.