Fall 1981/Spring 1982 Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1981
Literature Abstracts

Reactions of Dihydridodecacarbonyltriosmium  with Arenediazonium Tetrafluoroborates. Synthesis and Interconversion of Mono- and Dihapto Bridged Arylazo Triosmium Clusters  
Deborah Samkoff

Reactions of Manganese Carbonyl Radicals: Hydrogen Atom Transfer and Substitution 
Sharon B. Mccullen

Isotopic Labelling and Hydride Attack on Organotriosmium Cluster Compounds
George M. St. George

Recent Developments in Technetium Coordination Chemistry and its Medical Application
Joshua Telser

Flash Photolysis Studies of Dinuclear Transition Metal Carbonyl Compounds
Robert J. Olsen

Spring 1981
Literature Seminars

Main Group Clusters of Groups 4, 5, and 6A
Gregg Zank

Structural Features of Organoactinide Compounds 
John J. Gawienowski

Curiosities of the Electron Dynamics of Spin-Crossover Solids
Wayne D. Federer

Recent Developments in Photochemical H2 Production from Aqueous Solutions of Transition Metal Ions
Kenneth Rahmoeller

EPR Studies of Rhodium and Ruthenium Complexes in  Y Zeolites
Anne Zuzich

The Specific Oxidation of [Rh(CO)2 Cl]2 by O2 Via the Coordination of In Situ Generated HOOH. Implications for the Rh(III)/Cu(II) Catalyzed O2 Oxidation of 1-Alkenes to 2-Ketones 
Eric D. Nyberg

Activation of Dioxygen  
Barry B. Corden

Applications of Flash Related Vacuum Pyrolysis and Related Studies on Alkyne Trimetallic Clusters 
Allen D. Clauss

Saturated Hydrocarbon Chains as Propagators of Magnetic Exchange Between Ti(III) Metallocenes  
Arrietta W. Clauss

Structural, Catalytic, and Intercalation Chemistry of Clay Materials
Warren L. Nehmer

The Chemistry of Fe33-Te)2 (CO)9
David A. Lesch

Electron-initiated Polymerization of Vinyl Monomers for the Preparation of Crosslinked Polymer Film Electrodes
Brenda R. Shaw

Thermodynamic and Spectroscopic Studies of Some Metal Dimers
Rich Cosmano

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies on Some Group VII Transition Metal Complexes
James R. Stahlbush