Fall 1982/Spring 1983 Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1982
Literature Abstracts

The Sonochemistry of Some Metal Carbonyl Complexes
Paul F. Schubert

Selective Homogeneous Catalytic Methanol Homologation
Stanley A. Roth

Molecular A-Frames: Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity
Len Bogan

Intercalation of Graphite
Teng-Yuan Dong

Metal Catalyzed Olefin Epoxidation Using Hydroperoxides
Bruce Cook

Spring 1983
Literature Abstracts

Transition Metal Activation of Carbon-Hydrogen Bonds
Jennifer Holmgren

Synthesis and Reactivity of μ3-Alkylidyne Triosmiurn Cluster Compounds
Debra S. Strickland

Inorganic Applications of Polarization Transfer NMR
Kurt S. Rothenberger

Cyclophosphazene Chemistry
David J. Maltbie

Alkylidene Dirhodium Chemistry
Peter A. Dimas

Curtis Schwartz

Selective Oxidation and Ammoxidation of Propylene by Bismuth Molybdate Catalysts
Ren-Chain Wang

Platinblau: Recent Structural Studies
Susan L. Kaiser

Quadruple Bonds in Group VI Metal Complexes
Deborah Main

The Controversy Surrounding the Structure of Zeolite A
Philip J. Koerner, Jr.

Application of Conversion Electron Mossbauer Spectroscopy to Surface Studies
Seung-Mo Oh

Chevrel Phases
Dean Giolando

Alkane Activation by Metal Atoms
David Hammerton

Organometallic Chemistry of Tungsten-Triosmium Cluster Compounds
Joon Taik Park

The Chemistry of o-Formylphenyl Aryl Phosphines: Intramolecular Oxidative Additions to Iridium(I) and

Edith F. Landvatter

Thermal and Photochemical Reactivity of Dirhenium Hydrido-Alkenyl Carbonyl Compounds
Philip O. Nubel

An EPR Study of the Myeloma Protein MOPC 315 and the Hybridoma Proteins 29-22 and HPD-1 using a Dnp-Spin Label Hapten
Dean Oester