Fall 1985/Spring 1986 Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1985
Literature Abstracts

Borazines and Their Transition Metal Complexes
Stanley N. Milam

Ti, V, and Nb Metalloporphyrin Chemistry
Jong-Hee Hwang

The Chemistry of Triruthenium Hydrocarbyls
Jennifer s. Holmgren

Mossbauer and Structural Studies: Characterization of Mixed-Valence Biferrocenes and Iron-Semiquinone Complexes
Michelle Cohn

The Effect of the Solid-State Environment on Intramolecular Electron-Transfer Rates in Mixed-Valence Complexes
Teng-Yuan Dong

Electron Transfer in Oxo-Centered, Trinuclear, Mixed-Valence Iron Acetate Complexes
Seung Mo Oh

Spring 1986
Literature Abstracts

A Survey of Nickel-Containing Metalloenzymes
Ann E. Ogilvy

Transition Metal Nitrides: Some Properties of a Multiply Bonded Ligand
David B. Morse

Discontinuous Thermochromic Phase Transitions in Transition Metal Salts
Michael D. Lowery

Highly Reduced Organometallic Complexes of the Vanadium and Chromium Triads
Dave Dempsey

Chemistry of Octaethylporphyrinatorhodium Hydride and Octaethylporphyrlnatorhodium(II) Dimer
Thomas G. Gardner

Ligand Photofragmentation of Metal Complexes
Stephen J. Doktycz

A Thermodynamic and Electronic Explanation of the Macrocyclic Effect
Warren A. Kaplan

The Chemistry of Some Triosmium Alkylidene and Alkylidyne Cluster Complexes
Wen-Yann Yeh

Poly(sulfur nitride), (SN)x, Synthesis, Structure and Conductivity
Steven D. Gammon

The Chemistry of Highly Electronegative OTeF5 Group
Jayantha Amarasekera

Models for Hemocyanin and Tyrosinase
Richard J. Sullivan

The Chemistry of cis-Dichlorodiammineplatinum(II): An Anticancer Drug
David w. Conrad

Where Are the Protons in H3 V10 O283-?
David J. Maltbie

Fluxional Polyoxoanions
Curtis Schwartz

Model Chemistry on Metal Surfaces: Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity Studies of Tungsten-Osmium Mixed-Metal Clusters
Yun Chi

Synthesis and Reactivity of Some Organometallic Chalcogenide Complexes
Dean M. Giolando