Fall 1996/Spring 1997 Inorganic Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1996
Literature Abstracts

Ruthenium Complexes of Nitrogen- and Sulfur-Containing Heterocycles
Karen K. Dailey

Low Nuclearity Gold Clusters, Structure and Bonding Applications of Ferritin
Brian Ingram

Hydrocarbon Activation by Imido and Alkylidene Complexes
Stephen M. Contakes

Recent Advances in Pterin-Based Enzymes
Robert Pafford

Templated Synthesis of Catenanes and Rotaxanes
Andrew C. Moreland

Water Soluble Phosphine Complexes for Biphasic Catalysis
Keith A. Marek

Spectroscopic and Functional Modeling Studies of Vanadium Bromoperoxidase
Alan Gengenbach

Calcite to Aragonite Phase Switching Mediated by Soluble Mollusc-Shell Proteins
Richard R. Cesati III

Ferrocenylphosphines as Ligands in Asymmetric Catalysis
Ramin Khayatpoor

Nanomaterials: A Membrane-Based Synthetic Approach
Lien Lee

Structure and Function of the Dinuclear Iron Center in Soluble Methane Monooxygenase
Jing Li


Spring 1997
Literature Seminars

Molecular Chemistry on Silicon Surfaces
Margaret Mary Hricko

Recent Dioxygen Dicopper Models of Hemocyanin and Tyrosinase
Douglas H. Pool

The ZSM-39 Zeolite Dodecasil-3C: A New Ferroic Material
David J. Finnie

Very Large Pore Zeolites
Krista Finnie

Early Transition Metal Silicates: New Microporous Materials
Jesse Jefferis

Chelation Therapy for Iron Overload
Gregory Szewczyk

Interstellar Inorganic Chemistry
Margaret E. Kosal

High Pressure Chemistry of the Elements
Dean Goedde

Metallobleomycins: Oxidative Cleavage of Nucleic Acids
Marjorie Ang

Recent Developments in Platinum Chemotherapeutic Drugs
Gregory Kufner

Ethylene on Clusters and Transition Metal Surfaces
Arthur Pismenny

AFM Studies of Langmuir-Blodgett Films
Jun Guo

Synthesis and Reactivity of Trimethylsilylthiolate Compounds: Precursors for Heterometallic Complexes
Hong-Chang Liang

A Reduced Oxy Intermediate of Cytochrome P450cam Involved in Dioxygen Activation
David Eric Benson

Surface Coverage and Structure of Catalytic Metal Monolayers on Au(111) Electrodes
Brian Niece

Pentamethylcyclopentadienyl Osmium Chemistry: An Approach to Transition Metal Alkane Complexes
Christopher L. Gross

Fundamental Studies of Hydrocarbon Organization and Reactivity on Platinum Surfaces
William Leslie Manner