Fall 1999/Spring 2000 Inorganic Seminars

Fall 1999
Literature Seminars

Structure and Function of Metallocalix[4]arenes: Past, Present and Future 
Amanda Lawrence

Progress Towards More Effective Gold-Based Pharmaceuticals
Kelli M. Harl

Copper Chaperones: A Bioinorganic Approach to Understanding Copper Trafficking
Peter J. Bruesehoff

Colossal Magnetoresistance in Manganite Perovskites
Gregory R. Potratz

The Relationship Between Structure and Thermoelectric Properties Of Skutterudites
Glenn Westwood

Inorganic Chemistry on Jupiter and Its Satellites
Craig M. Teague

Metallasilsesquioxanes as Models For Heterogeneous Catalysts
James Oxley

Iron VI
Mary Anne Armstrong

Catalysts for Alcohol Oxidation Inspired by Galactose Oxidase
Joshua D. Lawrence

Lanthanocene Complexes as Unique and Selective Catalysts
Christopher M. Lutz

Nitric Oxide: A Biological Messenger
Caroline M. Pavot

Structure and Reaction Mechanism of Ribonucleotide Reductase
Jiangyun Wang

N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands as Alternatives To Phosphine Ligands In Homogeneous Catalysis
Thomas J. Malosh

Structure and Reactivity of Silica-Bound Transition Metal Akylidenes and Hydrides
Paul W. Dickinson

Spring 2000
Literature Seminars

Multi-Bubble Sonoluminescence: How a Bubble Converts Sound into Light and Creates Spots as Hot as the Sun
William B. McNamara III

Precursors to Ultrathin Films of ZrO2 Design on a Molecular Level
Margaret Mary Pafford

Metalloprotein Design
Jeffrey A. Sigman

In Vitro Selection of Highly Efficient DNA Enzymes as RNA Nucleases and Metal Biosensors
Jing Li

Peptide Complexes of Metalloporphyrins
Michael M. Rosenblatt

Disulfide Cross-linking in Protein Microspheres
Gregory W. Szewczyk

Binuclear Transistion Metal Derivatives of 1,2-Bis(indenyl)ethane
Ramin Khayatpoor

Chemistry of Carbon Sulfides
Jonathan Breitzer

Synthesis and Reactivity of Polysulfido Metal Complexes
Robert J. Pafford IV

An Organometallic Approach to Iron Triazacyclononane Coordination Complexes
Andrew C. Moreland

New Chemistry of Transition Metal Alkyls and Hydrides: Bonding and Reactivity
Jesse M. Jefferis

Receptor-Targeted Imaging Agents that Utilize Cyclopentadienyl Tricarbonyl Rhenium and Technetium Complexes
Richard R. Cesati III

Production and Surface Modification of Protein Microspheres
Gregory S. Kufner

Soft Lithographic Patterning on Silicon
Krista Renee Finnie

The Protein Redesign Approach to Modeling of Manganese Peroxidase
Alan Gengenbach