Fall 2002/Spring 2003 - Inorganic Seminar Abstracts

Fall 2002

Literature Seminars

From Structure to Function: One Hundred Years of Inadvertent Fe-only Hydrogenase Modeling 
Joshua D. Lawrence

Tyrosinase: Recent Studies of Structure and Mechanism 
Christine Dickerson

Crystal Growth of Semiconductors in Microgravity
Rachel A. Taylor 

The Chemistry of Single Layer 157 nm Photoresists
Charles W. Spicer 

Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Alkanes Using Pincer Ligand Complexes 
Steve Smith

Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis to Functionalization
Kathryn Guy

Optimal Emission from Silicon
Nicholas M. Ndiege

The Synthesis and MALDI-MS Characterization of New Ruthenium Sulfide Clusters
Amanda L. Eckermann

Controlling the Motion of Molecules; Prototypes for Molecular Machines
Wontae Noh

Excursions Beyond the Zintl Border: Anionic Clusters of the Heavier Group 13 Metals 
Philip C. Allen

Molecular Machines: Rotors and Shuttles
Chen Zhang

Transfer Hydrogenation: Emergence of the Metal-Ligand Bifunctional Mechanism
Cameron W. Spahn

Flourous Biphasic Catalysis
David J. Flannigan

New Insights into Dinitrogen Activation and Fixation
Ming Fang

Small Molecule Analogues of the Fe-only Hydrogenase Active Site
Joshua D. Lawrence

Spring 2003

Literature Seminars

Nanostructured Organic and Inorganic Thin Films with Novel Molecular Recognition Properties
Mariusz Twardowski

Environmental Applications of Ultrasound
James Dean Oxley

Tetrathiometallates in Synthesis and Catalysis
Daniel Eugene Schwarz

Characterization of a Keggin Polyoxometalate on Metal and Semiconductor Surfaces
Craig Matthew Teague

In Vitro Selection and Characterization of Transition Metal-Dependent DNAzymes and RNAzymes
Peter John Bruesehoff

Final Defense

Designing Novel Blue Copper and Purple Cu Centers Into Azurin with Natural and Unnatural Amino Acids 
Steven M. Berry