The Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois hosts many different seminars throughout the year that cover topics in all six primary research areas of chemistry: analytical, organic, inorganic, materials, chemical biology, and physical chemistry. If you are an incoming or current student who would like to work with a specific faculty, you can also learn about upcoming faculty presentations that will highlight their research.


The department of chemistry hosts many guest lecture series, several of them annually. These lectures cover all areas of chemistry including: inorganic, physical, organic, chemical biology, and analytical chemistry. Also included in the lecture series are lectures that cover specific areas such as influential female chemists, chemical engineering, atmospheric sciences and chemistry, and biochemistry.


There are two in department conference/symposium events for organic chemistry graduate students. The Beak-Pines Organic Area Allerton Conference is annual and the Frontiers in Organic Chemistry Symposium is a biennial fall symposium.

Alumni Events

Did you graduate from the University of Illinois Chemistry Department? Learn about events held for alumni.


Are you graduating from the chemistry department soon? Find out details about the upcoming convocation as well as previous ceremonies.

Sesquicentennial Events

Both the University of Illinois and the Chemistry Department are celebrating their Sesquincentennial in 2017! The department will be celebrating this momentous event on October 6th and 7th, 2017. Come help us celebrate!

Cottrell Scholar Midwest Regional Meeting