Flygare Memorial Lecturers

2017-18 Flygare lecture poster2017-18
Daniel Neumark
University of California - Berkeley
Video of the lecture
Studies of Radicals, Catalytic Intermediates, and Transition States by Slow Electron Velocity-Map Imaging of Cryogenically Cooled Atoms

2016-17 Flygar lecture poster2016-17
Marsha Lester
University of Pennsylvania
Exploring Uncharted Regions of Atmospheric Reaction Pathways



2015 Flygare Poster 2015-16
Ann McDermott
Columbia University
Video of the lecture
Communicating News Across A Membrane: Allostery Coupling in an Ion Channel


2014 Flygare Poster

Peter Wolynes
Rice University
Video of the lecture
Energy Landscape Theory: From Folding Proteins to Folding Chromosomes


2013 Flygare Poster

Eric Heller
Harvard University



2012 Flygare Poster

Russell J. Hemley
Carnegie Institution of Washington



2012 Flygare Poster 2011-12
Michael T. Bowers
University of California, Santa Barbara

Video of Lecture 



2011 Flygare Poster

W. E. Moerner
Stanford University

Video of Lecture


2009 Flygare Poster
Kenneth B.Eisenthal
Columbia University



2008 Flygare Poster

Robin Hochstrasser
University of Pennsylvania



2007 Flygare Poster

Alexander Pines
University of California, Berkeley



2005 Flygare Poster

Stuart A. Rice
University of Chicago


2005 Flygare Poster
Rudolph A. Marcus
California Institute of Technology


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