Previous Flygare Memorial Lecturers

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George C. Schatz
Northwestern University
Lecture video
Plasmons, Molecules, and Theory: Where Top-down Meets Bottom-up




Flygare Memorial Lecture poster


Naomi Halas
Rice University
Video of the lecture
Nanomaterials and Light for Sustainability and Societal Impact



2019 Flygare Memorial Lecture poster thumbnail2018-19
Geraldine Richmond
University of Oregon
Video of the lecture
Mulling over Nanoemulsions:  Interfacial Molecular Structure, Stabilization and Assembly


2017-18 Flygare lecture poster

Daniel Neumark
University of California - Berkeley
Video of the lecture
Studies of Radicals, Catalytic Intermediates, and Transition States by Slow Electron Velocity-Map Imaging of Cryogenically Cooled Atoms

2016-17 Flygar lecture poster2016-17
Marsha Lester
University of Pennsylvania
Exploring Uncharted Regions of Atmospheric Reaction Pathways



2015 Flygare Poster 2015-16
Ann McDermott
Columbia University
Video of the lecture
Communicating News Across A Membrane: Allostery Coupling in an Ion Channel


2014 Flygare Poster

Peter Wolynes
Rice University
Video of the lecture
Energy Landscape Theory: From Folding Proteins to Folding Chromosomes


2013 Flygare Poster 2013-14
Eric Heller
Harvard University



2012 Flygare Poster 2012-13
Russell J. Hemley
Carnegie Institution of Washington



2012 Flygare Poster
Michael T. Bowers
University of California, Santa Barbara

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2011 Flygare Poster 2010-11
W. E. Moerner
Stanford University

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2009 Flygare Poster 2009-10
Kenneth B.Eisenthal
Columbia University



2008 Flygare Poster 2008-09
Robin Hochstrasser
University of Pennsylvania



2007 Flygare Poster

Alexander Pines
University of California, Berkeley



2005 Flygare Poster 2005-06
Stuart A. Rice
University of Chicago


2005 Flygare Poster 2004-05
Rudolph A. Marcus
California Institute of Technology



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