Previous Illinois Distinguised Lecturers

2019 Distinguished Lecture in Inorganic Chemistry2018-2019
Joan Broderick
Montana State University

Organometallic Chemistry in Radical SAM Enzymes




2018 Distinguished Lecture in Inorganic Chemistry2017-2018
Wenbin Lin
University of Chicago

Nanoscale Metal-Organic Frameworks for Cancer Therapy




2016-17 Illinois Distinguished Lecture Poster2016-2017
George Christou
University of Florida

Magnetic Molecules and Single-Molecule Magnets:
A "Bottom-up" Molecular Approach to Nanoscale Magnetism



2015-16 Illinois Distinguised Lecture Poster2015-2016
Jim Mayer
Yale University 

Explorations in Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer, from Hydrogen Atom Transfer to Electrocatalysis to Oxide Nanoparticles