Bailar Medalists (Lecturers)

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Gregory H. Robinson
University of Georgia

"Creative Writing in Scientific Research Articles"

"From N-Heterocyclic Carbenes to Dithiolene Radicals: A Counterintuitive Trek through Main Group Chemistry"

2021-22 Bailar Lecture poster

Karen Goldberg
University of Pennsylvania

"Developing Alternatives to Oil as Feedstocks for Our Chemicals and Liquid Fuels"

"Molecular Oxygen as a Reagent in Late Transition Organometallic Chemistry"

2018-19 Bailar Poster

Linda Nazar
University of Waterloo

"Electrochemical Energy Storage for a Sustainable Energy Future"

"Hard Chemistry: Solid State Electrolytes and Sold State Batteries"

2017-18 Bailar Poster

John F. Hartwig
University of California - Berkeley

"Selective, Catalytic Functionalization of C-H Bonds"

"Artificial Metalloenzymes with Noble Metals Created from Heme Proteins"


2016-17 Bailar Poster

Omar Yaghi
University of California - Berkeley

"The Atom, the Molecule and the Framework"

"A Carbon Neutral Cycle and Harvesting Water from Air"


2015-16 Bailar Poster

Fraser Armstrong
Oxford University

"The Importance of Metalloenzymes for Advancing Electrocatalysis"

"The Chemical Principles of Biohydrogen"


2014-15 Bailar Poster

Richard Eisenberg
University of Rochester

"Fifty Years of Dithiolenes: A Gray Dawn, the Loss of Innocence and Fulfilling the Promise"

"Fuel from Water: The Light Driven Generation of Hydrogen"


2013-14 Bailar Poster

Jacqueline K. Barton
California Institute of Technology

"Signaling through DNA"

"Targeting DNA Mismatches with Metalloinsertors"

2012-13 Bailar Poster

Donald J. Darensbourg
Texas A&M University

"Making Chemicals from Carbon Dioxide"

Marcetta Y. Darensbourg
Texas A&M University

                                                       "Molecular constructs as [FeFe]-H2ase Enzyme Active Site Biometrics for Proton Reduction"

2011-12 Bailar Poster

Lawrence Que, Jr.
University of Minnesota

"Bio-inspired Hydrocarbon Oxidations by Nonheme Iron Catalysts"

"High-valent Iron: Structures, Spin States, and Reactivity"

2010-11 Bailar Poster

Robert H. Grubbs
California Institute of Technology

"Sputnik, Catalysis and Metathesis"

"The Synthesis of Large and Small Molecules Using Olefin Metathesis Catalysts"


2009-10 Bailar Poster

Kenneth N. Raymond
University of California - Berkeley

"Siderophore Stealth"

"Supramolecular Metal-Ligand Clusters as Chiral Flasks and Synthetic Enzymes"

2008-09 Bailar Poster

Michael Grätzel
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanna

"Molecular Photovoltaics"

"Solar Hydrogen Generation from Water"

2007-08 Bailar Poster

Edward Solomon
Stanford University

"Spectroscopic Methods in Bioinorganic Chemistry: Blue to Green to Red Copper Sites"

"Structure/Function Correlations over non-Heme Iron Enzymes"

2006-07 Bailar Poster

Malcolm Chisholm
Ohio State University

"Routes to New Generation Polymers Employing Single-site Metal Alkoxide Catalysts, Polysters, Polyethers and Polycarbonates from Renewable Resources"

"Electronic Coupling Involving Carboxylate Links and MM Quadruple Bonds, Where M = Mo and W. Mδ to Ligand π-Conjugation"

2005-06 Bailar Poster

Tobin J. Marks
Northwestern University

"Self-Assembly Approaches to Structures for Electronic Organics"

Bridges Between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis. Single- and Multiple-Site Olefin Polymerization"

2004-05 Bailar Poster

Joan S. Valentine
University of California, Los Angeles

"Copper-Zinc Superoxice Dismutase and ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)"

"Biophysical Studies of a Disease-Causing Metalloprotein"

2003-04 Bailar Poster

Konrad Seppelt
Freie Universitat Berlin

"Metal Xenon and Other Cations in Super Acidic Solutions"

"Non Octahedral Structures"

2002-03 Bailar Poster

John E. Bercaw
California Institute of Technology

"Towards a Catalytic Alkane Hydroxylation Catalyst Using Dioxygen as the Oxidant"

"Olefin Oligomerization and Polymerization with Organotransition Metal Catalysts"

2001-02 Bailar Poster

Robert H. Crabtree
Yale University

"Hydrides and Hydrogen Bonding"

"Advances in Catalysis"