Previous R. C. Fuson Visiting Professors

2022-2023 Fuson Lecture


Sarah Reisman
California Institute of Technology

I. Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Natural Products and the Chemistry they Inspire
II. Development of New Reductive Cross-Coupling Reactions

Fuson 2023


Abby Doyle
University of California - Los Angeles

I. New Approaches to Chemical Synthesis & Catalysis: Part I
II. New Approaches to Chemical Synthesis & Catalysis: Part II

Poster for 2019 Fuson Lecture


Emily P. Baskus
Harvard University

I. Deciphering the Human Microbiota with Chemistry
II. Chemical Discovery in the Microbial World

Neil Garg, University of California, Los Angeles, Fuson Lecture October 22, 2018

Neil K. Garg
University of California, Los Angeles

I. How Organic Chemistry Became One of UCLA's Most Popular Classes
II. Recent Forays in Methods Development and Complex Molecular Synthesis

2017 Fuson Lecture Poster


Vy M. Dong
University of California, Irvine

I. A Few of My Favorite Rings: Catalysis Inspired by Macrocycles
II. Alkynes of Transformations

2015 Fuson Lecture


Kenichiro Itami
Nagoya University

I. Synthesis and Discovery of Bio-Functional Molecules by C-H Activation
II. Single-molecule Carbon Nanotubes, Nanoribbons, and a New Form of Carbon

2014 Fuson poster


Richmond Sarpong
University of California, Berkeley
I. Strategies and Tactics for Chemical Synthesis Inspired by Complex Alkaloids: Part 1
II.  Strategies and Tactics for Chemical Synthesis Inspired by Complex Alkaloids: Part II

2013 Fuson poster 2013-2014

Mohammad Movassaghi
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2012 Fuson Poster 2012-13

F. Dean Toste
University of California, Berkeley
2011 Fuson Poster 2011-2012

Brian M. Stoltz
California Institute of Technology
2010 Fuson Poster 2010-2011

Phil S. Baran
The Scripps Research Institute
2009 Fuson Poster 2009-2010
Kevan M. Shokat
University of California, San Francisco

Geoffrey W. Coates
Cornell University
2007 Fuson Lecture 2007-2008
Melanie S. Sanford
University of Michigan
Erik J. Sorensen 
Princeton University
2004 Fuson Poster 2004-2005
David W. C. MacMillan
California Institute of Technology
Gregory C. Fu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Milan Mrksich
University of Chicago
James S. Nowick
University of California, Irvine



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