R.E.A.C.T. Honors Requirements

The REACT Program can be completed for honors credit for CHEM 102, 104, 202, 204, 232, 236, 332 and 436.

College HCLA Submission Instructions
  1. Submit the REACT eHCLA of your respective college online.
  2. Print out the email confirmation you receive.
  3. Drop off the email confirmation to 3030 Chemistry Annex.

Note: You do NOT need to pick up the email confirmation.

Engineering, Other
  1. Obtain a paper HCLA from your honors college office.
  2. Fill out the form, and drop it off at 3030 Chemistry Annex.
  3. About one week later, pick up the signed form.
  4. Return the signed form to your honors college office.


All honors students must, in addition to creating the lesson plans, explain the chemistry behind each experiment. This must be thorough and understandable, as well as highlight the important features of each experiment. Each honors students’ response will be assessed by the board on a pass/fail basis. Failure to comply results in no credit.

Additionally, students who want to earn honors credit must write a 200-word reflection essay after their classroom visit and email it to thereactprogram@gmail.com one week after the visit. The reflection should not be a summary of your visit, but rather, feedback regarding the pros/cons, student interaction, and other relevant information that may help improve the process and implementation of future REACT classroom visits.

Remember that you must earn a B- or better in your chemistry course in order to fully earn honors credit.