Instructional Technology

About Us

We are here to advance the instructional mission of the Department of Chemistry. Much of our work centers on supporting and enhancing teaching and learning in the large enrollment service courses offered by the Department, but our services are available to all faculty, instructors and TAs teaching Chemistry courses. We specialize in connecting instructors with technology, spaces, techniques and other resources which will enable them to accomplish their pedagogical goals. We work with learning management systems, multimedia, learning spaces, emerging technologies and more to facilitate effective Chemistry instruction. Got an idea you're not sure how to implement? Get in touch! Here are some of the things we have done:

  • coordinate between chemistry instructors and ATLAS to develop a better online grade book and a tool for online distribution of scantron error reports to students
  • work within a course management system to design and implement to instructor specifications the technology infrastructure necessary for a complete overhaul of the General Chemistry labs serving approximately 5000 students a year
  • enable the deployment of "just in time" multimedia resources (created by our studio) via iPad kiosks in multiple labs to facilitate student learning and review of critical techniques as needed
  • provide and support learning technologies in Departmental learning spaces as well as represent Departmental interests in learning space design on campus-level renovation projects
  • connect instructors with the resources they need to implement the changes they want in their lectures or discussion groups