Welcome to Chemistry 102C and 102D


1. Exam 1 results are now posted in the gradebook (raw and scaled scores).

To get a summary of your results for exam 1, go to https://apps.atlas.illinois.edu/scantronresults/Student/File/DownloadTestResult?testId=787. Please use the error sheet from this website to make exam corrections. Correcting your exam while the material is still fresh in your mind is an excellent learning experience. Also, a corrected exam is a big help when studying for the final.

2. Quiz 3 is due by 6 pm Sunday, March 3.  It will cover lecture/assignments 11-13. It consists of 12 questions, has a 1 hr time limit, and it is open notes. I suggest you do the Lon Capa HW 7 problems before you take the quiz. HW 7 material is tested on the quiz.

Text homework for assignments 11-13 will be checked by your TA on Friday, March 1. We will not check the hybrid orbital homework assignment. We only check  homework assignments that are covered on the quiz.

3. The deadline for Lon Capa HW 6 is 9 am Tuesday, February 27. HW 6 is a short assignment covering the Thursday, week 6 lecture/assignments on intermolecular forces. HW 7 has a deadline of 9 am March 6.

4. Our Learning Management System is called Lon Capa. There is a link to Lon Capa on the right. Click on the link to familiarize yourself the contents of Lon Capa. Note that we do not use Compass or Canvas in our course, so don't waste your time looking for course materials on Compass or Canvas.

5. My office hours are noon-1:30 pm on Mondays and 10-11:30 am on Wednesdays in 3016 Chem Annex.

6. The required texts for the course are the 3rd ed Chemistry: An Atoms First Approach by Zumdahls and Decoste along with the Student Solutions Manual that accompanies the 3rd ed text. Also required is the Handouts for Chemistry 102B and 102C book. The Handouts book is produced locally and is only available at the Illini Union Bookstore.  For the Atoms first text and Solutions Guide,  I recommend you purchase the electronic version of the text which gives you the text and the Solutions Manual but also gives you the option to rent a hard copy of the text for shipping and handling. Where you purchase the materials is up to you. The cheapest method I have found to purchase the required etexts is to set up an account at Cengage.com. The publishing company of the text (Cengage) has two different electronic versions you can purchase. Either is fine. They are:

a. Cengage Unlimited eTextbooks for $69.99. This package includes a 4 month subscription to the text (ISBN-9780357363614) and to the solutions manual (ISBN-9780357363591) with an option to rent a hard copy of the text for the price of shipping and handling. If none of your other U of I classes require Cengage texts, then this is your best option.

b. Cengage Unlimited for $124.99. This package includes all of the items mentioned in the previous plan plus you can get the various Cengage platforms for online homework. Our Chem 102C/102D course will not use any Cengage homework platforms; all of our online homework is accessed through Lon Capa. However, if you are required to purchase a Cengage homework platform for another course (perhaps Calculus on campus), then this option is your best choice. All of your etextbooks are included in this package for all U of I courses requiring Cengage textbooks plus you have access to the Cengage homework platforms. Search for ISBNs listed above in item A when searching for your ebooks on your Cengage account.

7. The Chemistry department has purchased a site license for us to use iclicker polling in lecture. This means it is free to you. All you need to do is to download the iclicker student app to your phone or laptop, then register for either the Chem 102C course (lecture at 11 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays) or the Chem 102D course (lecture at 9 am Tuesdays and Thursdays). For the Institution,  input UIUC School of Chemical Sciences, and for the course, input either Chem 102C or Chem 102D.  The most common registration error is students input the wrong institution. Make sure you use input UIUC School of Chemical Sciences and not University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. For links to download the app and for information on how to register for our chem course, go to: https://answers.illinois.edu/111967

8. If you are receiving "Shibboleth Error" messages when accessing Lon Capa materials, here is troubleshooting guide for these type of error messages (https://answers.illinois.edu/112204