Welcome to Chemistry 102C/102D


1. Raw and scaled exam 3 scores are in the gradebook (link on the right). Please correct your exam mistakes now while the material is fresh in your mind. It is a great learning experience, but you will also appreciate a corrected exam to study from for the final exam. If you took a conflict exam or if you took the exam at the TAC center, your exam is in 1026 Chem Annex for you to pick up.

To help you correct your exams, an error sheet for each student is available at https://apps.atlas.illinois.edu/scantronresults/Student/File/DownloadTestResult?testId=667. This error sheet lists your raw score out of 25 questions. But it also summarizes the problems you missed with your answer and the correct answer listed.  Note that if you didn’t fill in your UIN correctly, you will not have an error sheet.

Your point total going into the final is also posted in the gradebook. This 500 point score includes the three 100 point scaled exams, the 100 point scaled quiz grade, the 70 point Lon Capa Homework grade, and the 30 point text homework grade. The 70 point Lon Capa grade is determined from the percentage of the 153 total Lon Capa homework points you did throughout the semester. If you did all 153 homework points during the semester, then you get 100% of 70, which is 70. If you did 90% of the 153 homework points, then your Lon Capa  grade is 90% of 70 or 63 points, etc.  For the text homework grade, we collected text homework six times during the semester at 5 points each time collected; this comes to a total of 30 points. The only remaining graded assignment in the course is the 300 point final exam. The final exam is worth 37.5% of your grade (300 of 800 total points). The final is an excellent opportunity for you to improve your grade. Enough said; it’s important. For the 500 point total, apply the 90, 80, 70, 60% cut-offs to determine your grade going into the final. If there are any mistakes in the text homework grades, please contact your TA. For other grade mistakes, please contact me.

2. We will skip lecture/assignment 25 on oxidation-reduction reactions this semester. Therefore, don't worry about redox material for the final.

3. The online final exam for chem 102D students is 1:30-4:30 pm, May 10. and the online final exam for Chem 102C students is 7-10 pm Friday, May 13.  The only two acceptable reasons to take a conflict exam are if you another exam at the same time or if you have three final exams in a row. If you believe you qualify for a conflict exam, email Tom Hummel (tjhummel) for approval. If you have special exam accommodations, register to take the exam through the Testing Accommodations Center at DRES.

The final will have ~60 multiple choice questions. We had 24 lectures/assignments this semester, so there are 2-3 questions from each lecture/assignment. The equations page and periodic table for the final is here. You can print these 2 pages out for use on the final.  If you don't want to print off these pages, you will be able to access them on the final via a link. The only items you are allowed at your work area when taking the final are the constants page/periodic table, a calculator, scratch paper, and something to write with. Of course you will need a computer to access Lon Capa along with your phone fully charged and plugged into an outlet while the exam is going on so your TA can proctor you. And don’t forget to have a good internet connection.

To study for the final, correcting your mistakes on the exams you took this semester is the first place to start.  Learn from the mistakes you made previously and don’t make them again. To help you with this, I have posted detailed solutions to the exams you took this spring semester. They are available on Lon Capa and on our website under Exam Information. Also, understanding is the key for all problems.  For the statement problems, understand why the true statements are true and why the false statements are false.  For the calculation problems, talk yourself through the strategy necessary to solve the problem. This is the skill you need on the exam; reading a problem then thinking about how to solve it. So work on this skill when you are studying. In addition, study the PowerPoint slides, notes, assigned homework problems, quizzes, old hour exams, and the Zumdahl text.  Conscientious students have done enough problems by now, so you should just review your worked out solutions to the homework, quiz, and hour exam problems.  Only read the Zumdahl text to clear up misunderstandings.  Cover to cover reading of the text will be a big waste of time, better spent on homework, hour exams, and the class notes. 

4. Our Learning Management System is called Lon Capa. There is a link to Lon Capa on the right. Click on the link to familiarize yourself the contents of Lon Capa. Note that we do not use Compass or Canvas or Moodle in our course, so don't waste your time looking for course materials on Compass or Canvas or Moodle.

5. My office hours will be held through Zoom. They are at 11 am and 1 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Zoom links to my office hours are here. During final exam week, I will be available 11 am Tuesday, May 10 and 1 pm Thursday, May 12.

6. If you added the course late, first read the Course Policy (link on the left) to learn about the course details. Then you must catch up on the missed video lectures and the missed text assignments.  The lecture videos and PowerPoint slides are on Lon Capa. The text homework assignments are in a link on the left called Course Policy and Assignments. In general, if you can do and understand the assigned text homework assignments, then you are in good shape with your catch-up work. Note that you have detailed solutions to the odd numbered assigned text problems through the required Students Solutions Manual text (see item 6 below). I have also posted detailed solutions to all of the assigned even numbered text problems and Review questions on Lon Capa. These solutions are here for you to check your work if you get stuck.

7. The required texts for the course are the 3rd ed Chemistry: An Atoms First Approach by Zumdahls and Decoste along with the Student Solutions Manual that accompanies the 3rd ed text. The Illini Union Bookstore incorrectly indicates that you are required to purchase the shrink wrapped hard copy of the text for $206.70. This is not correct. Actually I do not recommend you purchase the shrink wrapped version of the text because it does not include the Student Solutions Manual. Instead, I recommend you purchase the electronic version of the text which gives you the text and the Solutions Manual but also gives you the option to rent a hard copy of the text for shipping and handling. Where you purchase the materials is up to you. The publishing company of the text (Cengage) has two different electronic versions you can purchase. Either is fine. They are:

a. Cengage Unlimited eTextbooks for $69.99. This package includes a 4 month subscription to the text (ISBN-13:9780357363454) and to the solutions manual (ISBN-13:9780357363591) with an option to rent a hard copy of the text for the price of shipping and handling. If none of your other U of I classes require Cengage texts, then this is your best option.

b. Cengage Unlimited for $119.99. This package includes all of the items mentioned in the previous plan plus you can get the various Cengage platforms for online homework. Our Chem 102C/102D course will not use any Cengage homework platforms; all of our online homework is accessed through Lon Capa. However, if you are required to purchase a Cengage homework platform for another course (perhaps Calculus on campus), then this option is your best choice. All of your etextbooks are included in this package for all U of I courses requiring Cengage textbooks plus you have access to the Cengage homework platforms. Search for ISBNs listed above in item A when searching for your ebooks on your Cengage account.

Here is a link to purchase one of the two options listed above.

8. If you are receiving "Shibboleth Error" messages when viewing videos or when accessing other Lon Capa materials, here is troubleshooting guide for these type of error messages (https://answers.illinois.edu/112204). Also all videos have a direct link to view them in case Lon Capa is not cooperating. Use the direct link if you receive the Shibboleth error message when you try to access the videos.