Welcome to General Chemistry 2 Lab (CHEM 105) - Spring 2024

CHEM 105 will be 100% IN-PERSON for Spring 2024. There is not an online option.

First day of semester is January. On this date you may begin to access and complete the required introductory assignments (Course Policy Assignment, Safety video/quiz, Practice Report with Provisional Data). These assignments are due before you may attend Lab 0 the week of January 29. Students who do not complete the Course Policy Assignment or Safety Quiz before Lab 0, will not be able to attend Lab 0. 

In-person lab sessions will begin the week of January 29.  

If you have questions regarding this course, email chem-105@illinois.edu. Students can expect a reply within 24 hours of receipt.

Spring 2024 CHEM 105 Course Policy

Chem 105 FAQs


Required Materials and Accesses:

  • Spring 2024 Chemistry 105 Experiments book (this is also referred to as the Lab Manual). This is a digital manual. No hard copies necessary.  
  • Paper copy of Experiment Procedures and Report pages. These paper copies are required during the lab. One copy of this packet will be provided to the student at no cost during Lab 0. These pages are also provided on Labflow and can be printed out by the student (at their own cost) if necessary. Students should use the copies available on Labflow to prepare for Lab 0.
  • Purchase access to Labflow (https://labflow.com)
  • Lab Coats (white or blue). 
  • UVEX lab goggles. If a student wishes to use a different goggle, they must obtain prior permission by emailing a picture with their request to sdesmond@illinois.edu.  

Labflow Enrollment Instructions