Welcome to General Chemistry 2 Lab (CHEM 105) - Spring 2021

CHEM 105 will be 100% online for Spring 2021. 

Spring 2021 CHEM 105 Course Policy

Click here to access the "Chemistry 105 Introduction Video" and learn important information about the course. 

Lab Manual Information: UPDATE - the Bookstore is sold out of paper copies of the lab manual. Students must now purchase the pdf directly from Stipes Publishing (link below). 

  • Students may purchase a physical (paper) lab manual from the bookstore or the pdf lab manual directly from Stipes Publishing.
  • Physical (paper) lab manuals must be ordered through the bookstore website and then either shipped to an address or picked up (a day or two later) from the Union.
  • Please remember that the Spring 2021 Lab manual is required to complete the lab exercises for Spring 2021 CHEM 105. No other lab manual can be used.
  • If you choose to purchase the pdf lab manual directly from Stipes Publishing, follow the steps here: pdf Lab Manual purchase from Stipes
    • Once students purchase the pdf and choose their own password, they can view the pdf of the lab manual online and/or save it to their computer or mobile device. 

Information for students about Zoom
Getting Started with Zoom Guide

Information for students about iClicker REEF
Getting Started with iClicker REEF Guide

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