Fall 1984/Spring 1985 Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1984
Literature Abstracts

Synthesis of Molecular Models of Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts
Charles J. Ruffing

The Mechanism of Olefin Oxidations by an Oxygen-binding Cobalt Complex
Dorothy Hamilton

Characterization of Alumina-Supported Molybdenum-Iridium Clusters
Winston S. Uchiyama

Phosphinidene- and Arsinidene-Bridged Transition Metal Clusters
Kevin E. Howard

Bonding and Reactivity of Transition Metal Complexes of Carbon Disulfide
Timothy J. Henly

Synthesis of Transition Metal π-arene Compounds via Metal Vapors
G. R. Frauenhoff

Roussin's Red Salt Revisited: Metal Nitrosyl Dimers and Clusters
Timothy D. Weatherill

Spring 1984
Literature Abstracts

Sulfur Rich Transition Metal-Main Group Heterocycles and Cages
Gregg A. Zank

Synthesis and Reactivity of Metallacyclobutanes
Ann Hermes

Electron Transfer in Mixed-Valence Binuclear Ferrocenes
Michael F. Moore

Selective Oxidations via Metal Oxides: The Relevance of Organometallic Oxo Complexes
James A. Jensen

The Solid State Ferric Spin-Crossover Transition: Spectroscopic, Magnetic, and Structural Investigations
Mark D. Timken

Photochemical Water Splitting: Inorganic Dyes as Catalytic Sensitizers
Edward B. Flint

Transition Metal Ketenes
Laura M. Babcock

The Effect of Main Group Elements on Transition Metal Carbonyl Clusters
Leonard E. Bogan

Synthetic Metals: Structural Control of Electronic Properties
Kira M. Glover

Anti-arthritic Gold Drugs: A Bioinorganic Approach
Mary Mills

Redox Chemistry of Aqueous Molybdenum
Kenneth M. Rahmoeller