Fall 1988/Spring 1989 Inorganic Chemistry Seminar Abstracts

Fall 1988
Literature Abstracts

The Role of f-orbitals in Chemical Bonding
James McCusker

The Chemistry of the Electron Rich Metallothiol CpRu(PPh3)2SH. The Interplay of SH, SH2, and S2 Ligands.
Jayantha Amarasekera

Cp-Ligand Displacement Reactions of Cp Complexes; A New Route to Manganese-Containing Heterometallic Compounds
Dr. Jozef Latten

Electron Transfer Reactions of Polynuclear Species
Scott W. Simerly

Reactions of the Metal-Metal Triple Bond of Molybdenum and Tungsten
Gishun Hsu

Oxy-Ligands in Triosmium Carbonyl Cluster Compounds
Greg R. Frauenhoff

Novel Properties of Several High Oxidation State Organometallic Materials
David B. Morse

Spring 1989
Literature Seminars

Molecular Growth Pathways in Silica Sol-Gel Polymerization
Sangeeta D. Ramamurthi

Factors that Affect the Rate of Biological Electron Transfer
Brandon J, Cruickshank

Characterization of High Valent Iron Porphyrins in the Peroxidase Catalytic Cycle
Chin-Ti Chen

Photochemotherapeutic Agents: A New Role for the Inorganic Chemist
Mark W. Grinstaff

Vanadium in Biological Systems
Shawne Van Deusen

Low Nuclearity Transition Metal Phosphinidene Complexes
Eric J. Houser

π-Bonded Cyclopentadienyl Complexes of the p-Block Elements
Patrick Jeffries

Transition Metal Derivatives of Naked Post-Transition Element Clusters
Phillip C. Cagle

Characteristics of Indenyl Systems
Lawrence P. Szajek

Ordered Monolayers of Organosulfur Compounds on Gold Substrates
Anton E. Skaugset

Redox Active Metal-Sulfide Clusters and a Series of Computer Assisted Instructional Lessons on Transition Metal Chemistry
Steven D. Gammon

Intermolecular Alkane C-H Bond Activation by Oxidative Addition to Organometallic Compounds
Linqing Ma

The Effect of Ion Pairing on the Intervalence Transfer Electronic Absorption Band of Mixed-Valence Complexes in Solution
Michael D. Lowery

The Chemistry of Actinide Mono- and Bis-Porphyrin Complexes
Stanley N. Milam