Carl Shipp Marvel Lecturers

2017 Marvel Lecture 2017-18
Benjamin Cravatt
The Scripps Research Institute

I. Activity-Based Proteomics-Protein Discovery on a Global Scale
II. Activity-Based Proteomics - Ligand Discovery on a Global Scale


2016 Marvel Lecture 2016-17
David W.C. MacMillan
Princeton University

Photoredox Catalysis in Organic Chemistry
Metallaphotoredox Catalysis


2015 Marvel Lecture 2015-16
Benjamin List
Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung

Asymmetric Aminocatalysis
Asymmetric Counteranion Directed Catalysis (ACDC)


2014 Marvel Lecture 2014-15
Carolyn Bertozzi
Stanford University

Bioorthogonal Chemistry: An Enabling Tool for Biology and Drug Development
Glycocalyx Engineering Toward Probing Cancer Glycome Evolution


2013 Marvel Lecture 2013-14
Dale Boger
Scripps Research Institute

Redesign of Vancomycin for Resistant Bacteria
Discovery and Development of Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase Inhibitors


2012 Marvel Lecture 2012-13
Kendall N. Houk
University of California, Los Angeles




2011 Marvel Poster 2011-12
Paul A. Wender
Stanford University




2010 Marvel Lecture 2010-11
Andrew G. Myers
Harvard University




2009 Marvel Poster 2009-10
Jean M.J. Frechet
University of California, Berkeley




2008 Marvel Poster 2008-09
Peter G. Schultz
Scripps Research Institute




2007 Marvel Poster 2007-08
K.C. Nicolaou
Scripps Research Institute




2006 Marvel Poster 2006-07
K. Barry Sharpless
Scripps Research Institute




2005 Marvel Poster 2005-06
Barbara Imperiali
Massachusetts Institute of Technology




2004 Marvel Poster 2004-05
Ben L. Feringa
University of Gronigen




2003 Marvel Poster 2003-04
Eric N. Jacobsen
Harvard University




2002 Marvel Poster 2002-03
Peter B. Dervan
California Institute of Technology




2001 Marvel Poster 2001-02
Steven V. Ley
University of Cambridge



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