The Department of Chemistry recognizes diversity in many ways, including gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability status, national origin, religion and socio-economic status, among others. We understand that diverse talent is a strategic asset that allows for more effective research and teaching. We believe in a scientific culture that aspires to the highest standards of professionalism, promotes psychological safety and encourages respect for others, so everyone can bring their best creative selves to the department.


Graduate diversity and program climate office

Illinois Chemistry Graduate Diversity and Program Climate Office supports the department’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment and the academic and professional success of all our scientists. The office works to address issues of recruitment, retention and advancement of graduate students in the chemical sciences with a particular focus on women and traditionally underrepresented scientists of color. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Contact


Position currently vacant

Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
in the Chemical Sciences

505 S. Mathew Ave.
109C Noyes Lab
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 333-6416