Welcome - Jonathan V. Sweedler - Director, School of Chemical Sciences

Video Remarks - Robert J. Jones - Chancellor, University of Illinois

Significance to the Campus - Andreas C. Cangellaris - Provost, University of Illinois

Presentation of Plaque - Peter K. Dorhout - 2018 President, American Chemical Society (ACS)

History of Dr. St. Elmo Brady - Jameatris Rimkus - Archivist, University of Illinois Library

Closing RemarksJonathan V. Sweedler - Director, School of Chemical Sciences

Reception - Immediately following ceremony - Chemistry Library, 170 Noyes Laboratory

No Belles - 7:00 pm - Stories of women in science - 100 Noyes Laboratory

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Celebrating the legacy of St. Elmo Brady

In 1916, St. Elmo Brady became the first African-American to earn a Ph.D. in chemistry in the United States, graduating from the University of Illinois. On Tuesday, February 5, the American Chemical Society (ACS) honored Brady with a National Historic Chemical Landmark at an all-day event in Noyes Laboratory. Read More

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