Mental Health Resources

  • For short-term mental health concerns or emergencies, please reach out to the Counseling Center (217-333-3704).
    • Same-day appointments
    • Limited to several sessions
    • More permanent solutions like group therapy exist here
  • For longer-term mental health concerns, please reach out to McKinley Health Center (217-333-2700). Here is the center's mental health services webpage.
    • Dual medicine-therapy approach (therapists and psychiatrists freely communicate when they share a patient to best serve those needs)
    • Limited to 15 therapy sessions but they can make exceptions
    • Unlimited psychiatry
    • Can do same day appointments, but it is preferred you call and schedule appointment (Please be advised that it could take a month to get in)
    • Will do baseline assessment and refer directly to Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES), if needed
  • Long-term mental health concerns will be referred to DRES by McKinley, if needed.
    • McKinley staff will make and email application to DRES
    • DRES will reach out to make appointment
    • Meet with specialist to help students with their personal needs
    • Accommodation letters are given to student
    • Free and unlimited therapy from Ph.D. level therapists

This flow chart was developed by an active member of the chemistry community, Dr. Elizabeth Neumann (Sweedler Group).