1. A thesis topic should be selected by the student and the research advisor.

2. For instructions concerning thesis format, please see the LAS Honors website. For questions regarding footnotes, table of contents, and bibliography, see your research advisor. Students must follow the LAS formatting rules for all versions of their thesis, including the copy that is submitted to the research advisor.

3. A completed copy of the thesis should be submitted to the research advisor no later than one week before the department submission deadline, which is the last day of instruction. The research advisor will likely require it earlier, to have enough time to read the thesis, provide any necessary feedback and have the student make revisions, and finally approve the thesis by signing the certification form (red-bordered form; see #5 below). The student should directly ask the research advisor about when the research advisor requires receiving the completed copy of the thesis.

4. The student should fill out the relevant parts of the certification form (red-bordered form), which may be downloaded from the LAS Honors website (URL given above). This form should then be provided to the research advisor along with the completed copy of the thesis.

5. The certification form (red-bordered form) signed by the research advisor as well as the thesis must be submitted by the student to Heather Schulze in 109 Noyes by 4:00 pm on the last day of instruction, which is generally the first Wednesday of May, in order to obtain the signature of the department head. 

6. Once the department headhas signed the certification form (red-bordered form), the student must submit the signed form and thesis to the College of LAS by uploading it online using the Senior Thesis Submission Guide. See the LAS Honors website (URL given above) for all instructions about submitting the thesis to the LAS office. Please contact the LAS office directly with any questions about this final stage in the thesis submission process, including any deadline for submitting the thesis to the LAS office.

7. For Chemistry's Distinction requirements, including GPA minima, please see the campus catalog degree requirements for the BS and BSLAS majors.