Faculty and Research Interests

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Chemistry Faculty That Accept Undergraduate Researchers*

Professor Mikael Backlund (P)
Professor Martin D. Burke (O, CB, I)
Professor Scott E. Denmark (O, I)
Professor Dana D. Dlott (P, A)

Professor Majed Fataftah (I, M)
Professor Andrew A. Gewirth (A, I, M)
Professor Gregory S. Girolami (I, M, O, P)
Professor Hee-Sun Han (A, I, CB, M, P)
Professor Paul J. Hergenrother (O, CB)
Professor So Hirata (T)
Professor Nick Jackson (M, P)
Professor Prashant Jain (P)
Professor Zan Luthey-Schulten
Professor Nancy Makri (T, P)

Professor Anastasia C. Manesis (I, CB)
Professor Angad P. Mehta (O, CB)
Professor Doug Mitchell (CB)
Professor Catherine Murphy (I, M)
Professor Eric Oldfield (P, O, CB)
Professor Lisa Olshansky (I, CB)
Professor Mei Shen (A)
Professor Scott K. Silverman (CB, O)
Professor Benjamin Snyder (I, M, P)
Professor Jonathan V. Sweedler (A, CB, P)
Professor Wilfred A. van der Donk (O, CB, I)

*Not every faculty member is always accepting undergraduates. Student matching depends on semester, qualifications, and faculty member availability.