Application Instructions and Information for Prospective Student Hourly Classroom Support Positions 

Undergraduate and non-chemistry graduate students

  1. Complete Application Form online. Before you begin, you will need information on courses, GPA, awards or scholarships, and the names and addresses of three references. You will also need to have ready a statement of not more than 300 words concerning your academic work, non-course educational experiences, teaching or other relevant employment, your plans for graduate study and/or career, and why you are interested in this position.

    NOTE: To navigate inside the form, please use the tab key only. The "enter key" may submit the form even if it is incomplete.
  2. Print out the Letter of Reference forms located here

    Two letters of reference should be sent directly to the departmental office address at the bottom of the form. Letter writers are also welcome to scan the form and send it by email to:  While the form is preferred, letters of reference may also be sent on letterhead or simply as an email. If the form is not used, please make sure the submitter identifies the communication as a letter of reference.

    One letter of reference should be from a professor (from U of I or elsewhere) who can comment on your academic ability and potential for teaching other students. The other may be from an employer, volunteer program supervisor, high school instructor, or other university teaching staff. Friends or family are not appropriate referrers.
  3. Print out your Academic History using Student Web Self-Service

    This should be submitted to 1026 Chemistry Annex, 601 S Mathews, M/C 712 

    (Non-chemistry graduate students only) If you are a non-chemistry graduate student at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign you may want to ask your graduate department to send copies of your non-University of Illinois transcript(s) and/or letters of reference they have on file in lieu of obtaining new ones. One of these should be from a professor as stated in step #2.
  4. Upon completion of your application and registration for classes, go to 1026 Chemistry Annex to fill out schedule cards. These cards will be used to assign teaching sections if you are hired. The cards are assumed to be correct at all times. If you change your course schedule, you must submit new cards. Incorrect or missing information may preclude hiring.

    To ensure full consideration, your completed application should be received by:

    June 30: For a Fall Semester Positions (this deadline has been extended to Aug. 1 for the Fall 2017 semester)
    November 1: For a Spring Semester Positions (Spring opportunities are very limited)

    The General Chemistry teaching staff evaluates all applications. Offers will be sent to the email address that you provide on the application form. All chemistry graduate students must be placed in teaching positions before we can make other offers. Please be patient and look at the target dates below for offers.

    Fall Positions: Offers are not able to be made until Thursday or Friday before classes begin.

    Spring Positions:  Offers go out mid-January to as late as the week that classes begin. Offers are very limited. Students who teach for us during Fall often return and there are fewer classes in the Spring.

If you have questions, contact Keena Finney at (217) 333-3015, 1026 Chemistry Annex.