Student Hourly Classroom Support Positions Instructions & Application

The student hourly classroom support positions provide instruction in general chemistry courses (101-204), Merit program general and organic chemistry discussion courses (101-436), and general chemistry lab courses (103-205).  All applicants are included in a pool from which laboratory and discussion positions are selected. 

Interested undergraduate students who will be Juniors or above and who will have successfully completed Chemistry 232 and 233 (or equivalent) by the start of Spring 2022 are encouraged to apply.  Non-chemistry graduate students may also complete the application process for consideration.

To apply for a teaching position, please complete the online application linked here.

Before you begin, you should prepare:

  1. A list of chemistry courses completed including semester and final grade, GPA
  2. Information regarding your prior work history
  3. A saved .pdf of your academic history (accessed here )
  4. A saved and completed course schedule form .pdf  (blank form linked here).
  5. The names and email addresses of two references who will be asked to submit short reference forms on your behalf. One reference should preferably be from a faculty member who can comment on your academic ability and teaching potential.  The second reference could be from an employer (current or past), volunteer supervisor, high school teacher, or another campus-based instructor.  References should not be from family members or friends who did not supervise you in a professional or academic setting. All letters of reference forms for fall are due July 20, spring are due November 30. 
  6. Your answers to the questions below:
         a. Why you are interested in this position and why would you make a good choice as a teaching assistant?
         b. What advice would you give to beginning chemistry students to help them become successful in the subject?
         c. (Answer only if applying to teach a discussion section.) What do you feel is the role of a discussion section?
         d. (Answer only if applying to teach a lab class.) What do you feel is the role of a lab?

**DO NOT hit "save" unless you consider your application to be complete.**  

"Save" will submit your application.  We cannot release it back to you, nor can we make edits on your behalf.

Be prepared to complete your application.  Hitting "save" at the end will submit your application.


Note regarding Letters of Reference: The application form should automatically send a letter of reference (LoR) request to those referrers you list.  However, you are responsible for making sure your referrers submit their letters of reference.  If, for some reason, a LoR request is not received, please direct a referrer to: Chem Student Hourly LoR Form .  LoR may also be sent directly to the address. 

Note: The schedule card form is used to assign teaching sections. We assume the schedule provided will be correct at all times.

  •        If you change your course schedule, you must submit a new schedule card form to
  •        Incorrect or missing information may preclude hiring.     

To ensure full consideration, the application and support materials should be received by:

        June 1: For Fall Semester Positions
        November 1: For Spring Semester Positions (Spring opportunities are limited)

The General Chemistry teaching staff evaluate all applications. Offers will be sent to the email address that you provide on the application form. All chemistry graduate students must be placed in teaching positions before we can make other offers. Please be patient and check the target dates below for offers.

Notification of hiring for Fall Positions:

  • Students selected to teach discussion sections for the Merit program will be notified in late June.
  • Students selected to teach all other discussion and lab sections will be notified in late July.
  • All students selected should expect to attend on-campus training on August 17 - 19 from 1 pm - 4 pm. 

Notes about hiring for Spring Positions:

  • It is unlikely that we will hire new TAs in the spring.  We have far fewer sections to fill, and most current TAs would like to continue.  
  • Veteran TAs are not required to re-submit an application.  Information will be sent via e-mail about re-hiring options.

Expected breakdown of duties for:

Regular or Merit Program Discussion Student Hourly: average 10 hrs per week

  • Teaching hours (2-3 sections): 3 or 4 hours
  • Chemistry Learning Center shift/office hours: 2 hours
  • TA meeting: 1 hour
  • Prep, attending lecture, grading, proctoring: 3-4 hours

Chem 103, 105, 203, 205 Lab Student Hourly: averages 12-13 hrs per week (fewer training hours for experienced student hourlies)

  • Teaching hours (3 sections): 6 hours
  • Office hours: 1 hour
  • TA meeting: 15-30 minutes
  • Lab training: 1.5-2 hours (usually occur after 6pm)
  • Training assignments: 2-3 hours
  • Emails to students: 1 hour

Chem 233 Lab Student Hourly: averages 11.5-14.5 hrs per week (fewer training hours for experienced student hourlies)

  • Teaching Hours (1 section): 4 hours
  • Office Hours: 1-2 hours
  • Grading: 3-4 hours
  • Weekly Meeting: 30 min
  • Training: 3-4 hours

These estimates are for undergraduate student hourly instructors.  Graduate students have a different number of hours.

If you have questions about general procedures or TA pool hiring, contact Keena Finney at, (217) 333-3015, 1026 Chemistry Annex.

If you have questions about Merit program hiring, contact Elise McCarren at, (217) 300-5899, 2026 Chemistry Annex.