Student Hourly Chemistry Laboratory Support Positions

Application Instructions and Information

  • Applications are accepted to work in the following lab locations: General Chemistry (Chem Annex), Upper Level Chemistry – primarily Organic/Inorganic Chemistry (Noyes Lab), Demo Room (Noyes Lab)
  • Applications are accepted on a continual basis, regardless of whether or not there is an open position. Applications will remain active for 1 year from the date of submission. If the applicant is not notified within 1 year, s/he is welcome to resubmit his/her application, as openings may become available at any time during the 12-month calendar year.
  • All undergraduates are eligible to submit applications. It is not a requirement that the applicant is a Chemistry or Science major. Applicants with any major will be considered, so long as s/he has a desire to work in a chemistry laboratory environment and is willing to learn the necessary chemistry and safety required to complete the duties of the position.
  • Applicants must be willing to follow all safety protocols for working in a Chemistry Laboratory, including wearing PPE, or proper protective equipment (safety glasses, lab coat), and dress properly (long pants, shoes that completely cover the feet, long hair confined, etc.). Note, PPE will be provided to the applicant following the hiring process.
  • Student Hourly Laboratory employees are expected to work a minimum of 8 hrs/week, ranging between the hours of 7:45 AM and 10:30 PM, based on their course schedule and the needs of the lab. The maximum number of hours per week is 28, while the student is enrolled full-time.
  • Complete the Application Form online. Before you begin, you will need information on previous science courses completed (if any), current course schedule, information on days/times you are available to work, and the names and email addresses of three references. You will also need to have ready a statement of not more than 500 words detailing the qualities you possess that make you qualified for this position (including any non-course educational experience or relevant employment) as well as a statement as to why you are interested in this position.

    NOTE: To navigate inside the form, please use the tab key only. The "enter key" may submit the form even if it is incomplete.

Questions may be addressed to Serenity Desmond.